After years of sharing my group travels around Europe through my blog, the best idea floated my mind one summer night in sitting in our (tiny) garden: The time had come to merge my work life and online life. I wanted to actually share these amazing places with the fun people I was talking to everyday away from their tiny phone screens and in real life. It was time to take these friendly interactions to the next level and make some real friendships out of the whole thing.

So as quickly as I announced it on Instagram, people signed up. By the end of the week, we had a full trip and 32 women ready to go take a crazy trip around the United Kingdom during the Christmas season. And when it happened… well, I can only tell you that it was as good as I could have dreamed it might be on the balmy night in June sitting on our patio furniture and asking random strangers to hang out with me for 7 days.

And now, I’m hooked. These trips are why I'm supposed to be here. It’s taken me a long time to figure out why I keep staying around, but these trips have brought so much meaning to it all. Community. Travel. Shared experience. Oh man… this is the good stuff. Surely. opportunities like these are why we spend too much time commenting on strangers pictures and following accounts that push us… because we long for connection with others. And if there is anything that I’ve learned after a decade working in travel through Europe, it’s that traveling with others gets you closer to them quicker than pretty much any other life experience. These trips are like the insta-pot of friendship.

So consider this your official invitation to stop wandering with me through cobblestone streets and ancient castles on a digital screen and into real life.

Come with me. I’ll plan it. You come.

Let’s make this weird online world something that makes our real offline world better.

Let’s make new friends while having an amazing trip together.

Let’s make the kind of memories that last for years to come.

I’ll be honest: at this stage of life, planning trips around Europe is easy for me… but having the time to make new friendships is tough.

So if you’re a nice and normal person, you want meaningful connections and you want to see some of the places you’ve seen here, well, then… you should probably come with us.

All are welcome. Expats, single, mom, recent college grad… just come if you can make it happen and are a nice person.

I’ll take care of the rest.

(Including most of the snacks. You know I won’t let you down on that.)


DECEMBER 3 - 9, 2018


MAY 18 - 25, 2019



JUNE 15 - 21 2019


In 2018, I said ‘Yes!” to the AK Christmas trip without seeing a set itinerary. I trusted that Lauren would plan the kind of trip that I’d want to come nom and that it would attract the kind of people I’d like to know. From the hotels and restaurants, to cultural activities, and tickets and transportation: everything was thought out, expertly organised and better than I imagined. Say “Yes” to your trip, so we can live through your smiles, excitement and awe!

-Elizabeth Meyer

It is life giving… exploring old cities, laughing our faces off, and enjoying life. Lauren planned the most dreamy trip this week. Thank you- so grateful for the opportunity to travel and connect with old and new friends.

-Kyla Kiser

Lauren, you’ve put tighter a really AMAZING trip in a lot of fabulous places. So, THANK YOU! Also, thanks for helping me kick off a New Year with lots of fun memories.

-Tala Hite

Today’s the halfway point of this adventure. I’m finishing a delicious dinner with new friends and soaking in every bit of laughter and learning and life from these women. How fortunate am I?

-Margaret Hermanek