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Welcome to the vault!

As I travel, I jot down the places and spots that make the day extra special for us. I snap photos of street signs so I can remember where exactly we found that tiny perfume shop and screenshot my google maps to pinpoint the hillside town with the best views.

And then, the best from the trip make it in to these travel guides.

While we do travel to more places than you’ll see here, I’ve decided to stick to a limited amount of destinations that I know and love the most. These are the spots that we have really dug out the treasures of local finds over the years. If you’ve followed along for anytime at all, you’ll recognise these locations as the well-trodden paths of our trips that we take throughout the year, and have spent many days of our lives wandering the streets of as both tourists and residents. These aren’t just places we went to once and had a great meal in a city we don’t know: they’re spots that we visit again and again that continue to make those city extra special. (And, as much as we hate to take them off, things on these guides to change if places loose their luster over time.)

These are the places and spots that make these destinations great. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Oh, she knows alot about these places!

I should just let her plan my trip…

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