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When you first imagine life in London, your mind gravitates to settling in famous areas near the biggest sites. Yet for anyone who has lived in London for more than a couple years- for those that are beyond transient long-term visitors- they’ll tell you that real Londoners live outside of those places. They live away from tourists in elusive little areas you’ve never heard of like Chiswick, Queens Park & Harrow. These are the places with real long-term residents that want to buy houses and put down roots, get great state schools and exist as respite from the chaos of Central London.

But if you’re looking to settle as a Londoner, how do you distinguish between Herne Hill and Harrow? How can you know where to find the best public spaces in a new area? In an effort to share what life is like in certain areas of London, I’ve created a neighbourhood guide that consists of reader-created guides to their little slice of London life. And they’re so helpful if you’re trying to find which area could be perfect for your next step as a Londoner.

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