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Swiss Wedding Wows

Sometimes you sneak away for a little getaway, and sometimes you splash it all over Instagram like it’s the 4th of July. For those of you not following on Instagram (come on, though, you should, we have fun on there) you may not know that this weekend, Tyler & I left town for a crisp 48 hours away. We went to Switzerland for my dear friend Annie’s wedding to her Swiss mister, Alex. (You may remember the incredible day out on Mount Rigi we had together in June.)

With how crazy the last week was for us and how hard it is to leave the kids, it took us some time to get into the groove of getting away. The flight was delayed, the weather in London was meh… but once we finally got on the train in from Zurich’s airport into Lucerne- I starting getting really giddy to get out and show him all the best spots. (The Lion Statue! The Chapel Bridge! The boat ride out to Mount Rigi! Mill’Feuille for breakfast! Max Chocolate Shop!)


We made the most of our time there: site-seeing, eating really well, spending Saturday at the most gorgeous wedding in the history of all time (this is a fact, sorry, not open for discussion), and staying out way too late for people in their 30’s with kids, and waking up to do our monthly budget on Sunday because we are people in their 30’s with kids. 


I know, I know, that getting away with little kids is really hard. It was our first time to just make something with the two of us happen since we went to Hawaii in 2017, so I can’t really pretend that we get to practice this very often. But, it is really good and such a treat. It’s worth the hustle, pushing aside the extra money to cover childcare, and the endless-schedule arranging to make that time together actually happen. I can only tell you: it does wonder for your relationship to discover something new together away from the ordinary of the everyday. 


Ooh! And as I write that, I realise that this is a perfect time to announce something new here. If you’re starved for time together and want to get away- Tyler & I are actually hosting a couples trip this May! I’ve only announced it on Instagram stories at this point, but want to share it here, too. We’ll be headed to Normandy from May 18-23rd. We are renting a giant chateau, seeing all the great D-Day and Norman sites, kinda acting like we are B-List celebs with a private chef, and splitting up the cost so we can all recharge and hang out together. There are a few rooms left, so if you’re interested, hopefully, you can join us. Hang out with us. Have a great time somewhere special that guys and girls seem to equally like. Enjoy getting away together with just the two of you. And make some new couple friends, too. (Who couldn’t use a few new friends at this stage of their life? I could!) The rooms are given away on a first-come, first-served. All are welcome. (Just be nice and normal, please. Ha!)

*Sorry, no kids on this trip! It’s for time-starved couples that need to reconnect… like us. Ha! (Italics)

For more information, email


Read more posts from our travels in Switzerland or look in my travel guide to Switzerland here.

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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The Perfect Itinerary for Lake Lucerne & Mount Rigi

I’m typing this post underneath the fluffy down duvet on my bed as French television plays in the background and a half-eaten Toblerone sits on the nightstand beside me. I’m drowsy from a day of walking, but pretty sure I’m not just dreaming. I’m in Swiss Bliss. 

Today was one of those travel days where everything goes right. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does- oh man, doesn’t that feel good? We spent the day exploring the markets and old town of Lucerne and venturing up into the gorgeous Alps for a sunny lunch and leisurely wander around Mount Rigi. It was dreamy! 

To make the day even more LUSH, my dear friend Annie and her fiancé were in town and joined us. Now if you think that the only benefit of their presence was the pleasure of their company, you’re wrong. While it was so much fun, the other benefit is that Annie is a travel writer for National Geographic who knows the area very well and her fiancé, Alex, is Lucerne-born native who runs the Swiss Tourism Board for the US. I mean, could you have two more qualified people show you around Switzerland? I’ll go ahead and tell you, no- you can’t!


While I can’t replicate their charm, I can share with you what we did while the memory is still fresh in my mind. I got to mooch off their kindness and friendship and now you can mooch off what I learned from them to plan a killer day during your trip to Switzerland!

The Perfect Lucerne Day Trip to Lake Lucerne & Mount Rigi


We actually started with a little jaunt around the Lucerne’s market (open Tuesday & Saturdays), as we wouldn’t get another chance to enjoy it on our trip. The little market stands were dotted along the river and we ventured from each one buying ripe strawberries, juicy cherries and giggling at the semi-innappropiately huge white asparagus that was dangling all around us. 


We bought almond croissants from the patisserie (an international weakness of mine) and strolled around until Alex pulled us off the main drag and into the historic streets of the old town that run behind the market. We nibbled and asked questions as we saw the painted facades the buildings and made our way towards the other other wooden bridge- which is both smaller in size and fame to Lucerne’s iconic Chapel Bridge. After crossing over and wrapping around the other side of the market, we landed right by the dock for the boats to take us to Mount Rigi. Everything timed up perfectly (as it does when you are with someone who knows what they are doing!), we hopped on board, and off we went!


PRACTICAL INFO | Buy your tickets on board and ask for the combo return ticket. The combo ticket will get you the boat ride to Rigi’s docks as well as a train ride up the mountain. These cost 104 CHF each. Find the boat timetables here


The boat was *so* nice. Like, a literally massive yacht but for passengers. We sat outside and basked in the sun as the boat dotted its way around Lake Lucerne dropping off and picking up passengers at various towns. In pretty weather, it honestly felt like a “pinch me” travel moment. 

When we arrived to Rigi, we walked to the train up the mountain and loaded up. The train ride took us up gorgeous Rigi to the backdrop of alpine houses and friendly cows. As you ascend, you’ll see local school boys hop off to go home from lunch on school days and locals chatting to the train drivers as old friends. 


When the train arrived at Rigi Staffelhöhe, we hopped off- which was perfect as the clouds were sitting just above the houses for us that day. We walked over to Krauter Hotel Edelweiss for lunch… meanwhile letting our jaws drop in disbelief that we would be dining with this view, at the most casual Michelin-starred restaurant ever with food that came from everywhere we could see. 

PRACTICAL INFO | Book a table at Krauter Haus Edelweiss here to avoid disappointment. The views and the food are outstanding, truly. Allow for 45 minutes after you order until your food arrives- as they freshly make everything from scratch upon ordering. 

The menu offers a few classic items- the Rigi Burger, the Rigi Roll (beef rolled with pastrami over polenta and veggies), Raclette (obey melty cheese scraped over potatoes and served with crunchy pickles!). and seasonal gems like Asparagus soup and risotto…. Or casual standards like savoury crepes.


After lunch, head for the walking trail that wraps up around the back of the restaurant. It will lead you to a gorgeous path that wanders you down towards a viewpoint called Känzeli. It takes about 30 minutes, but the views are panoramic over the lake and Alps and 100% worth your time.


From the viewpoint, you can walk down to the quaint little village of Rigi-Kaltbald. From there, you can take the elevator down to the gondola and opt for a different route down. 

PRACTICAL INFO | The gondolas run approximately every half an hour (if it's a very busy day, they might run every 15 to 20 minutes). We were able to use our return ticket purchased for the train on this, too. Make sure you ask the boat ticket office if this is included in the same ticket you are purchasing just to be sure you get the right kind.

We took the gondola down, had our stomachs jump up into our throats a few times and then arrived down the mountain just in time to wander to the boat. We waited for about 20 minutes in the village of Weggis before ours arrived and shopped in the small souvenir shops stuffed with t-shirts and ice cream bars to kill time.

Then we hopped on board our boat- this time it was an old steam boat! Though, this boat was a bit more crowded, so we squatted on the deck and just pretended to be somewhere exotic under the hot sun.

We arrived back to Lucerne about an hour later, just before 5pm, and headed back to our hotel to unwind after a big, dreamy day out…. Complete with a stop by the amazing Max Chocolates next to our hotel first.


That night, we laughed and smiled so much at our good luck to have the perfect day in Switzerland- it really couldn’t have been better!

Find more of my favourite places in Switzerland only my travel guide here

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Blogbuster Video- Switzerland!

A few weeks back, 

we went to Switzerland.

You might remember my pictures

from when we went

skiing in the Alps


exploring Gimmelwald.

But you haven't seen this, my friends...

the video I made from our trip!

Yes, I do like making videos...

At the end of each year, 

it is so fun to make a DVD of all our adventures from the year,

sit down, and force our families to watch them with us.

I like it a lot.

I also like 

the awkward accident at the end of the movie

from me thinking I was setting the self-timer.... only to find it was starting the camera.

PS. I started reading the Hunger Games.

Late to the mix, I know... but I'm loving it. 

Does that make me the last person alive to do this?

 If that's the case, I'd be winning in Panem.

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Gimme More Gimmelwald

This blog started out the same way most blogs do...

randomly babbling about whatever crossed my mind.

These days, I've heard it classified as a "travel blog."

It probably won't always be that,

but for now 

I'm jotting down our travels as quickly as I can.

I do this for two reasons...

the first is, selfishly, to help me remember.

If I don't have a diary like this,

our adventures start blurring together.

The second reason is to help inspire you.

Maybe it gives you a nudge towards booking that summer vacation,

maybe it inspires you to re-do that room with a little mediterranean flare,

or maybe it gives you a 2 minute vacation every day.

I used to work in an office in the industrial area of Dallas. 

I really

enjoyed mental breaks like that during the day

to remind me that, yes, there was life 

beyond the drama & budgets within an office.

But for our latest adventure, I have you to thank.

You recommended Gimmelwald to me,

and I took you up on it.

It was incredible.

If you haven't heard of this little slice of heaven,

well then, let me do the honors.

We left Interlaken Ost station for Gimmelwald.

It takes 55 minutes. We used this site

to tell us how to get there.

After a train, a bus, & a gondola,

we stumbled out of the platform 

into snowy Gimmelwald. 

We ate a little picnic of sandwiches & creamy cheese.

Then we explored the tiny, sleepy town nestled in the alps.

We also saw about six small avalanches pour down on the hills around us...

which was a bit unnerving for us Texas folk.

We wandered around on top of the clouds,

with no one else there to bother us...

{Except a few furry locals.}

We were pretty much on Cloud Nine... 

in a very literal sense.

And how did we bridge the gap between this heavenly experience

& normal life back down on the mountain?

Why with naughty warm drinks, of course!

For those of you that recommended Gimmelwald, thank you!

I might travel a lot and have some things to recommend... 

but I know that all of "you" have exponentially more to travel advice than me!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Swiss Bliss

Dear Switzerland,

Thank you for having us to ski today.

We enjoyed it so very much. 

All day, we couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful place you have.

Your cousin, Colorado, has some great ski resorts...

but I have to tell you:

 I think you might have better.

There are just so many great features that we loved,

like the gorgeous craggy peaks & 

bright blue skies...

your cozy mountain top chalets offering drool-inducing items 


fondue, apple strudel with custard, & hot drinks....

and my favorite: the sun chairs we lounged in to enjoy the 60 degree temperature.

You even have polka music playing over the speakers at the ski lifts.

I might just have a new favorite place to ski.

Yours Truly,

Aspiring Kennedy

P.S. I hope we didn't embarrass you with our dorky helmets.

We just like to be safe and stuff. 

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Pack Your Bags: Alpine Skiing


By the time my friends in the States are going to bed,

we will be getting up at the crack of dawn here in France.

The grogginess and regret will end 

as soon as our train pulls out of the station towards the Swiss border

... and I can fall back to sleep.

We are going skiing in Interlaken this weekend...

which is a first for me on a few levels.

First time skiing in Switzerland...

First time skiing in Europe...

First time skiing without real ski clothes!

Oh well, it's supposed to be in the mid 60's at the base of the mountain...

so it doesn't sound like it will be too chilly up on the mountain.

{Spring skiing is so much better than winter skiing. Fact.}

Have you been skiing in Interlaken before?

Any tips? Any cozy chalets not to miss? 

Help me maximize my three nights in Switzerland, s'il vous plait!

I'll be posting absurd pictures of Alpine Splendor to facebook while I'm away... come join the party.

{Are all facebook pages that fun? Because I kinda like all the people who post on mine.}

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