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Feels Like The First Time.


Of all the towns in England, Oxford has my heart. It's the first "home" that we had when we moved overseas and it stole our hearts in a big way. Maybe it was the gorgeous dreaming spires or maybe it was the enchanting balls we attended as students, but either way- we fell hard for the tiny town that blooms such great minds.

Every time we take student groups there, I have to try hard to be cool. The truth is: I'm bouncing with excitement to show them such a special place. Oxford! It's one a kind. It's the stomping grounds of so many great minds, and I've yet to meet someone who lived there who hasn't been as enchanted by this small town like we were.

I have so many memories of it throughout the year: in the sunshine of the summer, in the snow at Christmas, in the dark nights of fall where the crunchy leaves kept you company on the way home. But the most memories I have from Oxford? Are lonely rainy days when I would wander the town by myself looking for adventures and cheap thrills. (Literally, we were so broke as students.) So when we returned this fall and the day turned soggy on us, it was a little disappointing... and a little welcoming.  Felt like being back, as residents of that magical little world.

Here's a little peek behind the scenes of what my daily life looks like on the job. (Thanks to my good friend, Noah, for snapping up some cute pictures of us during the day.)


Is there a time of your life that you wish you could magically go back to? A place that existed for a season, but just isn't what it was now. For us, it would be Oxford complete with all the friends that made it that time so sweet. While it's always fun to visit, we know it wouldn't be the same to live there again... because it's actually the people that were there that made it the time it was. But, sigh, we'll hold those days close to our heart.



Visiting Oxford? Check out my Oxford page for all of our favorite places to be and eat. You won't be disappointed!



*images by Noah Darnell for Aspiring Kennedy


Back to Cool... Or Not.


I definitely was not cool in high school. On the flip side, I wasn't really uncool either. I was just... there. Having a great time with my friends. We were all generally well-liked by everyone and, yet, totally ignored by guys. (You know what I mean?) Everyone else was going on dates while we were hiding in the bushes throwing M&Ms at cars that drove by (rebels!) and dressing up in old ball gowns to go to grocery store at midnight. 

And while I was sitting blissfully in the kingdom of "Let's Just Be Friends," I also wore a uniform. Every day for twelve years, I slapped on an oxford button-up and a plaid skirt. I loved it, but it made me really pent-up to get to college and wear "real" clothes to classes. Jeans! Dresses! Open toed shoes?! My seventeen year-old self could hardly imagine.

The summer before college, I spent all the income from my summer job to stock up on A&F tees, embellished skirts from Express and Reef sandals. I was totally just a laid-back girl channeling those coastal vibes... complete with a Quicksilver bumper sticker on my car. 

I can't even type that out without cackling. What? Quicksilver? I had (and to this day, have not) EVER surfed in my life. I blame the movie Blue Crush for influencing me way too heavily at way too impressionable of an age.

Now that I've reached the point of proving that I have absolutely no business or authority on style... I present to you a style board for the classroom. Maybe it's how I see myself dressing these days. Maybe it's how I wish I dressed. Or maybe I'm just floating somewhere back in that not-cool... but not-uncool territory again. And if so? Fine. I do well there. Those are my people.


ONE. Warby Parker | TWO Halogen  | THREE. Marc Jacobs | FOUR. Kate Spade | FIVE. Graphic Image | SIX. Gap | SEVEN. Kiehls | EIGHT. Kate Spade | NINE. Sam Edelman 




*image original to Aspiring Kennedy

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School Days.


If I were a cool blogger, I might have been clever and titled this blog post "School Daze" to go with the craziness of the long days I've been having this week... but that felt cheesy, so I couldn't. Plus, I'm not a cool blogger. Either way, I'm sure you can get the idea. (If you didn't see the post I wrote announcing I started a Masters, go on and read it here. For some weird reason, it's not showing on the main page. Sorry!)

Thanks for all the kind words. I'm actually really excited to be getting my masters. Maybe I'm just a dork, but I feel like learning is one of the most luxurious positions that one can find themselves in. My job as a student is to be taught amazing information by world-class leaders in their field. Maybe that's not the same perspective I had when I was in college... but what can I say? I'm older and wiser... and probably a bit more boring these days.  


A few highlights from the past few days...

1. Student prices. I have a student card. All of the sudden, I get 10% off everywhere I go. And the prices in the coffee shops and cafes on campus? £1.10 for coffee! Sandwiches for £1.50! Amazing.

2. It was time to swap out my computer at work. I now have a pretty new Mac sitting on my office desk. It's gorgeous. Doesn't a new computer make you feel, though just momentarily, really productive and excited?

3. In the weirdest turn of events, I've actually been able to meet blog friends and readers through joining the tiny program. I think it's pretty cool that people who enjoy being silly over trivial things like blogging can also do serious stuff, too. High five, blog world. 

4. Also, the image above is from this Buzzfeed article. I can't tell if it's mocking college students or being serious. Either way, I'm guilty for owning way too many of these pieces. 

5. After a long summer of floating around, Tyler & I are operating on a really tight schedule. (We have no other choice, if we want to both work, have a kid and do school.) While it's a bit a hassle to have your schedule so locked down, it's actually really freeing, too. Everything is jotted out and the day is planned the night before. 

Has your world changed since school started back up? Is your house quieter? Are your days longer now that you're back in school? Are you back to work as a teacher? Or are you clocking the same routine year-round?



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