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Edie | One Month + An Official Welcome

One month old! Time flies when you’re… wiping buns. It’s been a great month. Edie is such a dream, and I just can’t stop kissing her… and, at times, also forgetting she is now part of our family. (Phrases like “Oh wait! Don’t forget the baby!” as we start to walk out the door to go somewhere seem far too common.)

I’ve shared this on my Facebook page, but in case you missed it- here’s a little video of Edie's arrival. I always feel like a huge dork getting out my camera to record moments that seem mundane… but I’m so glad I took the time to save a few of these. When they are knit together in this video, it makes a really special memory. I already love watching it and know that it will become something that makes me so teary in the yard to come.

Life is sweet with three. Granted- it’s crazy and unglamorous and what have you, but I can’t tell you how comfortable and cozy it feels to have a family of five.

Trying hard to our feet under us in a routine... but also, trying to enjoy the days of just being together and rolling with the days as they come.)  The kids have been so sweet with her, but the lack of a normal schedule, endless visitors and us being distracted is finally starting to show. Any advice on how to manage with the early days of adding a new baby to your family routines?

*images and video original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Forcing American Baby Showers on British Friends

Well, I started to blog about how I was forcing baby showers on my British friends. This is, for the most part, true. Over the past few years, they have awkwardly shuffled away from the idea of any hoopla before a baby arrives… they claim it’s just not done, and, when I’ve dug a bit deeper, they claim it’s bad luck! Well, amigos… all I can say is, thank goodness I don’t believe in superstition because otherwise, I would be a bit freaked out. As an American, the idea of celebrating an-almost-there-mom is one of the sweetest things- just a pause before the baby arrives to enjoy the anticipation and hope of that sweet little life that will soon be here. Plus, when you’re pregnant- you can eat tons of cake at a party like that and not feel guilty for the baby weight you’re still wearing. (See what I mean- It’s definitely more fun on this side of the due date.)

I have four friends in my group of friends that are pregnant at the same time as me- in the same social circle! That may feel normal for you guys in the States, but here in London that seems massive to me. People have less kids, they have them later and they hardly seem to overlap… but here we all are… all waddling around with baby girls!

Since this is almost as rare of an occurrence as Viola & Prince George having playdates (which you know, is pretty rare), I thought it was reason to celebrate. And by celebrate I mean, sit in the garden on a sunny day, eat pretty food, and talk without kids around. It was lovely.

The lunch was simple and light- since it has been so roasting hot this week in London. We had Greek chicken with roasted potatoes & green beans smothered with tzaziki sauce, mediterranean orzo (inspired by Bridget’s recipe), watermelon dotted with mint, and huge bowls stacked high with Eton Mess.  

It was definitely a day that called for my prettiest dishes- my Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock place settings. If you’ve been over to my house, you probably have heard me wax on about how special this company is, how they hand-make every single piece, and how they are last-standing pottery company in Britain to employ this painstaking method of artisan quality. But honestly, they make me happy every single day when I use them.

I mean really, Eton Mess in any other bowl would just look… uninspired. Put it in a gorgeous dish like that, and, voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous day with the ladies in the garden. (For those that are infinitely cooler than me, check out their new Black Regal Peacock. It’s edgy and cool and all my hip friends make it look so much cooler than I can. It’s amazing.)

When the shade finally arrived, we had fresh mint tea (my favourite!) and chocolates… because, chocolates with tea/coffee are kind of essential.

The afternoon was lovely, and we all ate until our stomachs filled our throats- which, at this stage, of pregnancy isn’t too hard to do.

And just as soon as I thought I had pushed my American-self on them, they surprised me with a gorgeous evening celebrating our new baby girl just a few days later. I’m not going to lie- sitting there in that room, surrounded by so many Brits who were going out of their comfort zone to love me and our baby- well, it made me emotional. These friends have been through all my baby deliveries with me, and they graciously walk beside me as I fumble through motherhood, and I’m just so so grateful. So yeah, I may have pushed baby showers on my British friends, but they gave me back great friendship, unending prayer, and a blind eye to my obnoxious Americanisms. I’m so grateful!

(As a tiny post script for my own memory- one of my friends from the party is actually at the hospital now delivering her baby! Exciting times… especially, as that means the baby dominos are starting to fall… and I’m the next one in line!)

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Another Day. Another Knight.

These days, we don't really buy souvenirs. We spend most of our money when traveling on food.... but don't be fooled. Even after the amazing food we at in Florence this week, this belly isn't all gelato and pasta.

To echo a long ago announcement on Aspiring Kennedy, "BIMBO A BORDO!" 

We are thrilled to be having another baby this summer. What a gift... and phew, it takes all my courage to be pregnant. We are thankful for a healthy baby, and excited that we only have a few months left to go.

Thanks for joining us (again!) on this life-changing journey... and feel free to cast your vote below on what you think the sex will be. We just found out today, and I can't wait to tell you that it's another.....

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A Posh Picnic with the Queen...and Dukes, too.


I was looking for a fun day out for my friend, Amber, before she had her baby girl. Since it wasn't her first baby, we agreed that she wasn't in need of swaddling muslins, bottles or diapers... but probably could go for a little "me" time before the baby arrived.

We were stuck in between doing another afternoon tea (not complaining! just wanting to shake things up a bit!) and jaunting away for the day somewhere fabulous (felt like so much effort!)... in the midst of this planning pergatory, I heard about Dukes Hotel's Picnic in the Park and knew it would be perfect.


Why, you may ask, did I think a picnic would be a good fit? I'll keep it simple with some bullet points.



1. It was a luxury meal that we didn't have to make or prepare.

2. It came in an adorable stripey hamper and was served to us by a butler.

3. It only costs £35 per person, so it wouldn't break the bank.

4. We could sit alongside Buckingham Palace as we ate... which, if we are honest, is as close are we will be getting to lunching with Lizzy anytime soon.


And did the outing living up to our experience? YES. It was such a refreshing day out for both us doing something easy while feeling very extraordinary!

Our butler was so sweet and very attentive. He met us at the hotel when we arrived and walked us to the park.

When we got to Green Park, he let us choose where we wanted to set up camp, laid out everything for us, poured our drinks and then left his number for us to call should we need anything. He came back every so often to check on us and bring us sill things that we requested.


The actual picnic itself was really good- light and fresh. As all picnic food can be, it was a bit messy by the time it made it across the park and out of saran wrap. But we quickly fluffed everything up with a fork though and tidied it up to restore it back to its full potential. The cous cous salad and piri piri chicken skewers were exceptionally tasty.

And there's no better way to celebrate an upcoming birth than with some baby-friendly fizz!


As we lounged around Green Park like we were Roman nobility, people kept strolling by and gawking at us like we were pretty fancy. (Which made us giggle a lot.) By having a butler serve you a picnic does get a bit more attention than our normal picnic spread of M&S sandwiches, juice boxes and plastic hummus cartons.



This posh picnic in the park from Duke's Hotel in Mayfair is a definite winner for an exciting London experience. I'd recommend it to anyone- tourist or local alike. It's a fun and tasty option for enjoying the city in a really special way!


DUKES MAYFAIR | St James Place, London SW1A 1NY.  +44 (0)207 491 4840


*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*our picnic was complimentary. review is my own.


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Give It To Me | Baby Mama Edition


As I've mentioned previously, space right now is at an all-time premium. My mode of nesting over the week before delivery or so wasn't to deep clean the oven or scrub the hard-to-reach corners of the bathroom... it was to dig out every object from ever drawer and cabinet and put it under inspection for staying/going.

Progress has been made... but not much. It's getting to the point where it's really hard to throw things away... since most of the things we actually need and use. I may need to pay one of my friends $50 to come and toss the ugly things I can't or something... because I feel a bit at a standstill.

But somehow, new babies bring the arrival of new things, so here are a few things (and why), I'm glad to have right now. So consider this one of the most random gift-guides ever... you may be a bit surprised at some of the non-traditional items on here. (But then again, why repeat what so many others have already done well?)



1. LALABU SOOTHE SHIRT | I love a good way to hold my babies. This shirt is so genius- it holds a baby up to 15 lbs. You can wear them around without getting all geared up. How cool, right? I've been using mine day after day already. Harrison sleeps the entire time he is in it.

2. NEW UNDERWEAR | Someone gave me a stack of pretty, fresh new underwear after I had Viola and it ranks with one of the best gifts I got. Something about it just made me feel like a woman again. Do a friend a favor and get them some nice, soft cotton panties. Nothing sexy- just clean and new like these from GAP. It'll do a wonder in their lives.

3. J CREW ROBE | Again, nothing life changing really... but actually, for something that you'll be wearing all the time- go ahead and buy a nice robe that you like. I finally traded up and got a new one after years of wearing the same one. It felt like getting an upgrade from coach to business class. 

4. MAMAROO | Honestly, I basically only held Viola... but with two kids- I realize this won't be a reality. This is the ONE item of baby gear we have added to our house... in fact, we tossed all our old stuff. (They were pretty basic and cheap anyway.) Plus, the design is clean and modern which makes it feel a bit less like our house is getting taken over by the Chicco elves.

5. ANTICA FARMACISTA BABY DIFFUSER | I love gifts that can be used up. It takes away the risk of it floating around the house for years... and this one is perfect. This diffuser set is a reasonably priced to welcome a new baby. Especially, when there is a risk that their home may be overcome by the smell of diapers from multiple kids. We got one and I've just put it out... it smells really lovely. 

6. STOCK | Maybe one of the more random gifts to ever make a gift guide, but my parents bought me Disney stock when I was little for Christmas. At the time, I just thought I owned part of Disneyworld (which I guess was kind of true?), but over 25 years- those few shares have split, grown and been reinvested. Today, I love it! What a fun gift for a kid... that their parents will love, too.

7. BLA BLA DOLLS | Since I wasn't buying much for this baby, I did feel the need to buy one or two items that were "his" amidst the swell of hand-me-down everythings he would be inheriting. I love the Blabla Dolls, so I bought him Theo the cat and a quilt from Ivie Made.

8. BISCUITEERS ROYAL BABY TIN | Again, an edible gift is a great gift. No space-taking risk, and while I didn't actually give birth to the Royal Baby, it is really fun to celebrate having a child born so close to the Princess. For a Londoner, this is such a cute gift to receive. (Plus, you can have their biscuits personalized for the recipient!)



What's one of the best baby gifts you have been given or gave to someone? Share your secrets with us! I love out-of-the-box ideas. 



*image original to Aspiring Kennedy



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