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Back to Cool... Or Not.


I definitely was not cool in high school. On the flip side, I wasn't really uncool either. I was just... there. Having a great time with my friends. We were all generally well-liked by everyone and, yet, totally ignored by guys. (You know what I mean?) Everyone else was going on dates while we were hiding in the bushes throwing M&Ms at cars that drove by (rebels!) and dressing up in old ball gowns to go to grocery store at midnight. 

And while I was sitting blissfully in the kingdom of "Let's Just Be Friends," I also wore a uniform. Every day for twelve years, I slapped on an oxford button-up and a plaid skirt. I loved it, but it made me really pent-up to get to college and wear "real" clothes to classes. Jeans! Dresses! Open toed shoes?! My seventeen year-old self could hardly imagine.

The summer before college, I spent all the income from my summer job to stock up on A&F tees, embellished skirts from Express and Reef sandals. I was totally just a laid-back girl channeling those coastal vibes... complete with a Quicksilver bumper sticker on my car. 

I can't even type that out without cackling. What? Quicksilver? I had (and to this day, have not) EVER surfed in my life. I blame the movie Blue Crush for influencing me way too heavily at way too impressionable of an age.

Now that I've reached the point of proving that I have absolutely no business or authority on style... I present to you a style board for the classroom. Maybe it's how I see myself dressing these days. Maybe it's how I wish I dressed. Or maybe I'm just floating somewhere back in that not-cool... but not-uncool territory again. And if so? Fine. I do well there. Those are my people.


ONE. Warby Parker | TWO Halogen  | THREE. Marc Jacobs | FOUR. Kate Spade | FIVE. Graphic Image | SIX. Gap | SEVEN. Kiehls | EIGHT. Kate Spade | NINE. Sam Edelman 




*image original to Aspiring Kennedy

*affiliate links are used in the post. opinions are my own.

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Souvenir Style | Iceland


We got to have dinner the other night at our friends' house in Reykjavik. He was a classmate of Tyler's while at Oxford. He was also a bit of legend, as his wife stayed back in Iceland for the entire program watching their four boys and baby girl. Or maybe I should say, SHE was the legend. She made a traditional Icelandic dinner for us, and we sat around the table for hours chatting with them and laughing with their kids. They're a really great family, and we loved getting to spend the evening with them. 

Beyond being a really sweet and well-behaved family, they are also very traveled. Funny enough, they lived in Iowa for four years, too. They talk about the Midwest like I talk about Southern France. (It's funny how where you're from changes what sound "exotic" to you, isn't it?)

Haraldur, our friend, was waxing poetic about Midwesterners and how similar they were to Icelanders. He felt a kindred connection to the people there because they share a love of large families, open space, and they typically mind their own business.... "but we don't share our fashion."

I laughed. No. No, they don't. Iceland has a very slick, Scandinavian look that merges well with functionality for being in the outdoors. I actually have really started looking forward to packing my suitcase for when we come. I'm not sure I've completely got it down, but I'm improving each year. Bring on the Fair Isle, chunky boots and leather. 

ONE    |    TWO    |    THREE    |    FOUR    |    FIVE    |    SIX    |    SEVEN    |    EIGHT

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX  |  SEVEN  |  EIGHT




all artwork original to Aspiring Kennedy.

affiliate links are used in this post. opinions are my own.

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Heidi Klein: Covent Garden Pop-Up

On really grey and drizzly days in London, 

I'm often prone to do the same little loop around the neighborhood.


Ottolenghi for a latte and pain au chocolate, 

LOFT for pretending I'm in France...


...and then to the kids charity shop up the street

in hopes that a millionaire has just emptied out

their well-heeled toddler's dresser drawers.

And at that point,

when my hair has officially reached "terrible" status

and my ballet flats are wet through to my feet,

I typically head to Heidi Klein

for a quick trip to somewhere warm

and to indulge myself in denial of the weather.

The smell of their coconut candles

and the warm beachy feel transports me

to a happy (and warm) place...

plus, the owner Heidi Gosman is so kind and cute.

As I paw the swimsuits dangling on hangers

and wish that I hadn't bloated my stomach

with the previously mentioned pastry

so that I might be able to stomach watching myself try one on.

(Pun intended.)

Heidi Klein is currently giving Central London 

a little bit of their exotic goodness

with the new pop-up shop in Covent Garden

running through the first weeks of July.


Go in and get a slice of paradise in London's West End.

(Also, one of their cute beach totes is free with all purchases over £200!)









*images by Noah Darnell & David Mandelberg

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Mediterranean Blues

Is there a place on earth more heavenly than the Mediterranean?


The salty sea air mingling with the scent of lemons...


I just can't think of a place on earth that is more serene.


We had plans of EasyJetting down to Italy this summer

before we ditched our game plan

and landed in Texas for 3 months.


Life may be pretty fun here in Texas,

but I think it is safe to say:

la vita isn't nearly as bella as it is 

on the shimmery blue waters of the Mediterranean.



So in the meantime,

I'm wearing strappy sandals around Kroger,

eating copious amounts of ice cream, 

and pinning my Mediterranean Blues away.



Do any of you have grand summer plans on the horizon?


Go on. Tease me with your glamorous itineraries....

I'll swap you for tales from the public library and snow cone stand.




Also, THANKS for the excitement over THE HUNDRED.

We were blown away with the registration the first day!

There are spots still available. We hope you'll be able to be there, too.




*image via

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 I know, I know....

will we ever stay put?

Well, I can't answer that...

but I can tell you that

sititng by the pool in the heat

and unlimited space for Viola to roam

is pretty dang awesome.

We are excited about our new summer plans!

Also, and perhaps of equally life-changing importance,

I just discovered the site THE REAL REAL...

and it is the real deal.

Here's how it works:

It's formated like GILT

but all the merchandise is consignment designer goods.



(I got a PRADA skirt and Derek Lam top both for $100.)


Plus, first purchase is an additional 20%...

so, yeah, you'll want to check it out.

It's gooooood stuff.


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Summer Style.

There's a part of me that loves to reinvent my look...

but as much as I may want to try new styles,

I can not stop myself from buying shirt dresses.

It's definitely a sickness.

While I get tired of my repeat purchases,

I feel great every time I wear them.

They look cleaned up for work.

They look casual for play.

They play well at brunch.

They wear well around town.

Wear them with tights and ballet flats,

or wear them with sandals and a summer scarf.


Oh, and overshare alert- but they are nursing friendly, too.


They just fit every day of my life perfectly...

As well as my pastry-engorged tummy.


Go on, get you one and tell me if you're not a believer.

(Also, GAP is 40% off everything through today. Hooray!)




Happy Memorial Day, friends.

I hope you pause today to think of those who have defended our freedom

and their loved ones who have supported them in their service.



*photos original to Aspiring Kennedy

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For the Love of Paris... and Babies.


Now didn't think that I'd be satisfied simply with prancing around Paris in a giant black tulle skirt with the Eiffel Tower in the background, did you? Oh no...I had to take it up one more level. Stacy & I decided to make the second half of the day a bit more... kid friendly. Baby friendly, actually. For all of you that are wondering: How do you have TWO dresses this huge and fabulous? Well, the answer is: I don't! The black & pink tulle wonders were made by Stacy that she uses for photo shoot when clients request them. All I did was toss on an American Apparel bodysuit with the black one and a too-short dress that I had in my closet with the pink one. The result? Well, a look far more fabulous than it really was....but when it looks this cute- who cares? So, no more babbling from me, straight on to the pictures...for sure my favorite part from our day. Regardless of Viola wishing she could have been anywhere else rather than having her picture taken as made evident by the first half of the shoot. Oh well, c'est la vie avec le bebe.


To see the first half of our shoot in Paris, click hereStacy Reeves is a talented photographer who shoots visitors in Paris every day. She's a Texan, like myself, who moved overseas to live out her dreams... and now spends her days helping other Americans enjoy their trips to Europe, too. Let her shoot your trip to Paris by booking a session and capturing your trip.

(And yes, you can even wear the skirts, too!)


*photos by Stacy Reeves & L'Amour de Paris for Aspiring Kennedy

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For the Love of Paris.


I met Stacy the way most of us expats meet other expats: via social media. As we were both Dallas girls, we felt it was pretty much mandatory that we hang out while I was in Paris. So we did, and we had lots of fun.We had so much fun that we schemed up a day to take fun, pretty pictures around Paris, and, well, here's what happened.



So why did we take these pictures? Well, if I'm honest the only reason was to enjoy the season of life and to indulge in the chance of wearing two hundred yards of tulle around the city of Paris. While I realize I'm still 100% a spaz, looking at these makes me feel, momentarily, pretty cool. I can't think of a better souvenir from our time in Paris....which reminds me: WHY WOULD YOU NOT HAVE HER TAKE PICTURES OF YOU WHEN YOU COME TO PARIS? There are millions of Pinterest boards and inspiration boards on what to wear when you travel to Europe. Why? Because your trip costs a lot of money and took a long time to happen and you're going to want to look cute in your pictures in the years to come. It's a small additional cost that repays BIG over time. So when finally plan out your trip to Paris, book a session with Stacy and let this pro immortalize you in front of someplace stunning like the Eiffel Tower.

Check out Stacy's site, L'Amour De Paris here and the list of pricing options for photo sessions here.

(And just wait for the second half of the shoot for a fun twist. Coming soon!)




*photos by Stacy of L'Amour De Paris


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Flower Power: Viola Wedding Wear



In the search to put together 

an outfit for Viola's flower girl debut, 

I spent a lot of time searching the corners of the internet

in efforts to put together a cute look.


(This was a surprisingly harder task than I originally imagined.)


So for the sake of sharing the love,

here are all the pieces

that put her cute little look together

for Amber and Tyler's Hawaii wedding.


I, personally, thought she looked cute enough to eat.




I wish I could offer a good resource for the floral wreath,

but my mom made it out of a lei

and some left over bits from when doing the centerpieces

about 20 minutes before the ceremony...


But the rest is yours via the magic of online shopping. 














*photography via Tamiz Photography


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DVF: London Sample Sale


Three years ago

I went to the DVF sample sale

in London.


That was the day I met Amber,

who has since become one of my 

nearest and dearest friends.


So am I saying that if you miss the sample sale this year,

you'll also be missing the chance to meet

your future BFF?


Well, not entirely...

but I can promise you'll miss 

finding some awesome steals.


Details below.


Find something nice for me....

I wish that London were just a bit closer

so I could hop down and spiff up my tired closet!


In the meantime,

thank goodness for online browsing 

to help ease the pain.


Here are some cute DVF pieces

that would flatter almost every lady.



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