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My London | Petersham Nurseries


One of the things I have been most looking forward to since we have bought a car is using it to pop out to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. I’ve got big dreams of letting the kids wander through the greenhouses and rows of plants while Tyler & I sip coffee from the deli and splurge on a candle or a couple of coffee mugs from the shop.

It’s not too far away from us- about 20 minutes by car- but would take way more time to get there and require some walking down random country roads. Basically, a major hassle.

The only problem is, Tyler would rather be pretty much anywhere other than a fancy garden center on the weekend... regardless of how much I sell him in it’s charm.

Luckily for me, Petersham Nurseries have opened a second location in Covent Garden. While the names “Nurseries” and “Garden” may indicate lush areas full of greenery, the truth is- it’s not really. It’s not a place to go if you’re looking to redo your garden. You won’t find bags of fertiliser or plastics containers of perennials for £1.49. 


But, it does have pretty things for gardens (like copper spades and posh linen aprons) and it also sells nice things that come from gardens in its deli. The back of the store is full of florals and all the bits you need for them, including pretty staff members in aprons climbing up and down pretty ladder so nearby to arrange them for you.


And it’s total eye candy, so I have to definitely recommend stopping by when you’re in the area.

Imagine if Anthropologie had an older, snobbier sister who had moved away to Europe, married into some aristocratic family and now makes gorgeous homemade jams in the country home with their 5 kids and two black labs. That’s kinda the vibe here... and just like you’d feel around that girl, so you’ll feel here. A bit intimidated and totally sucked in.


The deli is small and well-curated. While the shop is narrow, it winds back and offers the chance to see (and buy!) fresh flowers that are being arranged. Expect an edited menu of sandwiches and fresh eats... and to pay £6.50 for some artisan mortadella on fresh salty ciabatta with some rocket sprinkled on. Choose from one of the photo shoot worthy sweet treats and a hot drink to finish off the experience and you’ll be on your way!


There’s a restaurant coming on the premise soon, I’m told, and I have no doubt I’ll find myself back to try it when it opens, too. While it will most likely be pricey and hard to get into, the allure of Petersham is pretty hard to resist. Stop by their new show and I have a feeling you’ll see what I mean!


Petersham Nurseries | 27-31 King Street, Floral Court, London, WC2E 8JD

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Get Peddling. | London Blogger Meetup


London Blogger Meetups! If you've read this blog for a while, you may remember that I used to be decent at hosting little get togethers on the regular. Then I got too busy, but this winter I've been really missing the in-real-life aspect of being online. It's too long since the good old days of icing biscuits and eating pizza with other nice Londoners- but I'm SO HAPPY to announce that on February 11th, we are back in business!



FEBRUARY 11 | 18h - 20h



128 Talbot Road | Notting Hill W11 1JA


Maybe you're new to the city and looking for some friends, maybe you're not new to the city and still looking for some friends, maybe you're jumping in the blogging scene and wanting to meet other bloggers, maybe you only read blogs but don't actually blog yourself. Whatever category you may think you fit in, you're invited. The goal of this night is all about nice people getting to know other nice people for the sake of making people on the internet a little less online and a little more real-life.


I'm REALLY excited to have the event be at Pedlars which is, honestly, one of the kindest neighborhood spots in Notting Hill. They're all about community and see the value in bringing people together. When I asked them about hosting a Blogger Meetup, they didn't think twice about it. Not only is the merchandise so cool (like this Fish & Chips print!), but they also are a team of people you'd actually want to be friends with. Plus, their coffee shop makes an incredibly tasty latte. Just saying.

Okay, so gushing over. I love people. I love people that love people. I'd love to meet you people.... so please come out for a nice little night out! No admission tickets. No entry fee. Just come as you are, awkward and solo or with a group of friends. Only nice people here! (The only request is that you comment below if you're coming to give us a good idea for a headcount.) 


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Mothers Day: I'll Be Better Next Time...

Second-time moms. What do they know? What do they realize they don't know. What do they vow to do better? What have they forgotten since having another one?

Well, I think anyone who has had a baby (hopefully) has gained an understanding that no kid is the same... and that the benefit of the doubt should be extended to every parent out there. We are all doing the best that we can with the kids/resources/abilities that we have. So obviously, the day-to-day of how that plays out will look REALLY different between each family... and even between specific children within those families.

Since I'm not sure anyone is actually an expert in the realm of parenting, I thought it would just be great to get one piece of advice from some moms that I really like.

The question is simple: What's ONE thing you did better the second time you had a kid.

And, well, this is what they said:


What I did better the second time I became a mom... I better understood what was involved. With the first, I knew nothing about taking care of a baby or how my life would alter with it's arrival. Merely changing diapers broke me out into a full on sweat. The second time, I learned to chill the heck out and go with the flow. And I did a lot better with that umbilical cord thingy!


The second time around I was more acutely aware of how quickly my favorite frog leg and pterodactyl screech stage passes and was sure to soak it up and push aside the temptation to get back to normal life. I lowered my daily living standards because I knew that everything would eventually fall back into place when it should. And the second time around I was sure to wait lots and lots and lots of weeks postpartum to try to slither into my pre-pregnancy jeans which made for a much happier baby mama ;). 


As a first time mom, I felt an immense amount of pressure to not only be doing everything right, but to also be doing everything. I look bad and laugh a little at how hard I was trying: making my own baby food and dragging my infant to music class. I used to say I thought she was bored because she would just lay there and look around, but then my own mom reminded me, "Oh she would let you know if she was bored!" With my second, I became much more laid back and called it a win so long as everyone was smiling at the end of the day. Or most days!


Having another baby taught me to let go... a lot. I remember my mom saying "If only all babies could be second babies." I get now what she meant. You learn to relax, you're more confident in yourself and your abilities to mother. You discover that their cries don't always mean that something wrong. Sometimes, they just need to cry in your arms. Their world is so new after all! After feeling such an intense vulnerability and fear after the birth of Parker, it was nice not to feel that quite so keenly when Anders came. Mothering becomes more and more comfortable with each passing child, and it's a very welcome discovery!

I loved these! I respect so many of these different moms- all are so different, but all do an amazing job parroting their children in the best ways they can. 

Now it's your turn- what is something you did better on the second time as a mom? (I'm taking notes!)

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What Dreams Are Made Of...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the other good things that I haven't written here over the past two weeks. We got back from the US three days ago. Because of the short amount of time we were in the States, I decided to take some time off from blogging + social media so that I could enjoy the time there. Fun and merriment was had by all... and Mexican food, donuts and all the other forbidden fruits that I shouldn't have been eating were enjoyed. I hope your holidays were full of much of the same!

Since then, we flew back to London, have been dealing with jet lag like nobody's business, and are all three fighting off some nasty cold/throat junk. Viola wakes up so much from coughing after going to bed, and-without fail-dials out a special request just for "Mama!" having me come in and lay by her in long(er than I'd like) intervals.

On about my fourth time to go in there last night, I forgot to bring my phone with me. (Rookie mistake, I know.) So I was forced to lay there in the dark with her with only my own brain to keep me company. As I settled into the quiet, I started to imagine what kind of person she would grow into. I prayed over her and begged God to show grace to her. I watched as her chubby hands pulled my arms close around her body. My mind got to start dreaming about things and for the first time in months, I felt my brain tickling with creativity. 

And I realized how many good moments I'd been missing like those in lieu of the visual graffiti on my social media channels and email. Moments that I've overlooked because I'm reading a completely annoying and forgettable Buzzfeed link or falling down a rabbit hole of bizarre hashtags. After thinking about it for a minute, it made me feel a bit sick to my stomach. Yuck.

So here's to a New Year. I've seen so many post that they are "simplifying" or doing "more of less." I like those ideas. While I'm not sure I can promise a resolution of any sort- though, if I'm honest, it should definitely be quitting sugar- my hope for 2015 I can focus on where I am and do those moments better. Be less diluted and more intentional- in my work and in my relationships with others. Trim the fat. Give more to the people that deserve it. I'm not sure I can physically do more than I've done in the past six months... but I can start by saying "no" more often.

And yes, I'll also need to sever my iPhone from my body. 


I loved seeing resolutions posted on my Instagram feed and photo from New Years. It is so refreshing to see people making changing and evaluating what areas in their life they can move away from and do better in.

 Has anyone successfully carried out your resolution 5 days into 2015? If so, snaps for you. ;)




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy by Noah Darnell

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Just Start.

Bloggers get a lot of emails from readers. It's great to move beyond the comments field and connect with people. I really like doing it when I have the time! (And thanks for emailing- it's such a nice compliment!)

The email topics can vary, but I think most bloggers would say we get the same repeat of the same subjects. For me, I seem to get requests for London & Paris recommendations, advice for traveling with a baby, questions on how I got my job, and... how to start & build a blog.

This one is hard, because there is no magic recipe for building a successful blog. What is successful anyway? Traffic, sales, brand building? The goals for site growth are so varied, that it makes it impossible to write out a plan that anyone could duplicate for achieving their own dreams. With that said, there are traits that I think all good bloggers do and habits they practice... but there isn't a specific formula. (Though I do like this post and this one.) It's hard to "find your voice" and get your niche. I still struggle with what direction I want to take my site. 

Here's one thing that I do know. Your blog doesn't haven't to- and won't ever be- perfect when you start it. Don't wait around to make the perfect site, because it won't ever happen. Just start where you are now with the resources you have now. You can change and mature your blog or business later, but don't loose today just because you're comparing yourself to those who have been in the game for several years. My first years in blogging looked a lot less fancy, but were so enriching and valuable. 

Beyond just the content, the actual site was very bare bones... and the aesthetic took time to evolve. For example, just look at the various headers I've had on my site. 


You don't need to spend a thousand dollars on a pretty blog to have a popular blog. Learn to build good content first.. the rest will come in time. I promise, no one will ever hold it against you for what your blog once looked like. So stop waiting, and jump in!


*images original to Aspiring Kennedy.

Calligraphy by the gorgeously talented Tara Jones.

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